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What sellers find so attractive about Marble Arch Homes is the aim of the staff to keep them informed during all phases of the approvals process.

One of the reasons for the success of Marble Arch Homes is the ability of the land acquisition staff to come up with locations that answer the needs of the homebuyers for attractive and convenient locations and the desire of the engineers and construction specialists for viable land on which to build.

Long before the first spade of earth is turned over, the staff is busy searching for appropriate land, criss-crossing the state and looking for owners who wish to sell. Once a desirable site is located, the staff enters into negotiations with the seller and outlines the streamlined approval process it has developed which focuses on every aspect of land development from engineering, geological surveys, regulations and environmental issues to marketing studies, saturation and maximum yield.

The land acquisition team assigns a time period in which to complete its study and proceeds to call upon a sophisticated array of research tools and an extensive data base to carry it out. No time is wasted, as work proceeds quickly from one process to another with due diligence. To demonstrate its good faith, the company underwrites the costs of all testing and surveys and should it be determined there are impediments to developing a property, a gift of the work is made to the seller.

The result is a growing reputation for fairness and skill that attracts landowners to Marble Arch Homes.

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