Quick delivery homes

benefits of Quick Delivery

  • Homes are available in 60 days or less
  • Great for families with school children
  • Wait time is painless
  • Buyer still has opportunity to choose flooring

The one trait most new homebuyers have in common is impatience. Once they have selected a home, buyers can't wait for it to be built. And sometimes it takes longer than anticipated.

But with a quick delivery home, the wait is relatively painless. Most are already built and require only the finishing of interiors. Kitchen cabinets and fixtures have already been ordered for speedy installation, but buyers still have the opportunity to select floor coverings.

Quick delivery homes, which can be ready in 60 days or less, are ideal for businessmen who have been transferred and need to settle their families quickly with a minimum of fuss.

Best of all, families who purchase a Marble Arch quick delivery home, can expect to take up residence in time for their children to start school in the Fall.

The following Homes are available:

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